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Packages that use Field

Uses of Field in org.xBaseJ

Methods in org.xBaseJ that return Field
 Field DBF.getField(int i)
          returns a Field object by its relative position.
 Field DBF.getField(String name)
          returns a Field object by its name in the database.

Methods in org.xBaseJ with parameters of type Field
 void DBF.addField(Field aField)
          adds a new Field to a database
 void DBF.addField(Field[] aField)
          adds an array of new Fields to a database
 void DBF.dropField(Field aField)
          removes a Field from a database NOT FULLY IMPLEMENTED
 void DBF.changeField(Field oldField, Field newField)
          changes a Field in a database NOT FULLY IMPLEMENTED

Uses of Field in org.xBaseJ.fields

Subclasses of Field in org.xBaseJ.fields
 class CharField
 class DateField
 class FloatField
 class LogicalField
 class MemoField
 class NumField
 class PictureField

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