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Packages that use DBF

Uses of DBF in org.xBaseJ

Fields in org.xBaseJ declared as DBF
 DBF DBTFile.database

Constructors in org.xBaseJ with parameters of type DBF
DBT_iv(DBF iDBF, boolean readOnly)
DBT_iv(DBF iDBF, String name, boolean destroy)
DBT_iii(DBF iDBF, boolean readOnly)
DBT_iii(DBF iDBF, String name, boolean destroy)
DBT_fpt(DBF iDBF, boolean readOnly)
DBT_fpt(DBF iDBF, String name, boolean destroy)
DBTFile(DBF iDBF, boolean readonly, int type)
DBTFile(DBF iDBF, String name, boolean destroy, int type)

Uses of DBF in org.xBaseJ.indexes

Fields in org.xBaseJ.indexes declared as DBF
 DBF Index.database

Constructors in org.xBaseJ.indexes with parameters of type DBF
NDX(String filename, DBF indatabase, char readonly)
NDX(String name, String NDXString, DBF indatabase, boolean destroy, boolean unique)
          creates a NDX object and NDX file
MDXFile(String Name, DBF inDBF, char readonly)
MDXFile(String Name, DBF inDBF, boolean destroy)
MDX(MDXFile ifile, DBF iDBF, short ipos)
MDX(String iname, String NDXString, DBF iDBF, MDXFile ifile, TagDescriptor inTagDesc, short pos, boolean unique)

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